SwiftUI developed iOS app.

Training+ is NOT another health and fitness service. It’s a tool to pull together all the apps and services you already use! Apple Health and Fitness+, Strava, Zwift and more, all share data with Training+. We enable you to visualise your training data, set measurable goals, and plan your own training program (and then execute with whichever app or service you choose).

Training+ is a fitness tool that leverages the devices and apps you already use!

The app reads data straight from Apple HealthKit - no matter which device or app you use to record you activity, as long as it’s set up to sync with HealthKit you can use Training+.

Training+ is a collaboration of 4 key functions:

  1. Charts - Apple’s built in Health and Activity apps offer so much detail across so many metrics, but sometimes it’s easy to get lost in all that data, and sometimes it’s hard to interpret what the data is showing. With Charts you can tailor data visualisations to your needs, and leverage additional derived metrics like Training Impact and Workout Efficiency to interest what your data means.
  1. Goals - want to run 100km this month? How about a really simple tool to visualise your progress! Goals are customisable gauges on your progress. Choose the variables and the activity and watch your progress grow.
  1. Plans - tired of filling Notes with training plans, or manually punching them in to your calendar? With plans you can visualise what training you want to do, and see what training you have successfully completed. All the while keeping your calendar fully synced.
  1. Programs - do you use the same training plans on repeat? Or do you want to draft a long term training program before committing to it? Programs allows you to build a collection of plans and goals in to a stand alone Program, which you can then schedule to start whenever you wish - and have the entire program aded to your Plans and calendar.
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